Culture and sport Amsterdam gay pride 2019

The Amsterdam Gay Pride / We Are Proud festival is not only a week about dancing, drinking and partying. Amsterdam Gay Pride offers also a wide range of cultural and sportive events.


This website shows you only a few highlights from the cultural program. Many museums and art galleries will organize special exhibitions with a gay and lesbian theme. At Artis Zoo you can make daily tours where specialists will show you gay animals at the zoo. Also you can visit many debate and reading sessions and special concerts. 

Several cinemas and theatres bring gay movies and theatre productions. Outside at the Nieuw Markt a gay movie is shown outside.

Yes, us gays and lesbians can be sportive too! Amsterdam Gay Pride is also a time to show that. Several sportive gay events are organized during the Pride weekend, from tennis to volleyball, from running to soccer.

To check the full program of gay cultural events during Amsterdam Gay Pride visit the link below.